Vibration switch SW-180 series economical

Receive external force vibration and convert OFF moment to ON

  • Model: Watch

SW-180 series

Vibration Switch

■Product Features

Vibration detection

Displacement detection

Beat wake up

Rotation trigger

Swing detection


Product introduction

1. SW-180 series is a spring type non-directional vibration trigger switch.

2. When the product is at rest, it is in the non-conducting (OFF) state. When the vibration reaches the triggering force required by the switch itself, it is instantly switched to the ON state. When the vibration stops, the switch returns to the non-conducting (OFF) state.

3. SW-180 series supply five kinds of sensitivity options, suitable for various products.

4. SW-180 series is an economical vibration switch, the package can be sealed/unsealed.