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  • What are the advantages of tilt sensor?

    Baling Electronics,Angle tilt switch manufacturer, precision Angle ball Switch, provide micro tilt ball switch,Anti Sensor,anti tilt sensor,Angle Switch,anti tilt Switch,rolling ball switch,photoelectric tilt switch,tilt switch sensor module,email:amanda@bl28.com.

    2023/03/07 bailing

  • what is a Reed Switch?

    A reed switch, also known as a magnetic reed switch, is an electronic switch that is activated by a magnetic field.

    2023/02/21 bailing

  • Flashing lights shoes vibration switch

    Shining shoes is always a children's favorite. King vibration switch made in this regard in this regard contribution. Realization triggered by walking vibration, light lights up. This paragraph

    2022/10/07 bailing

  • SW-420 for the motorcycle on the vibration sensor

    SW-420 is a vibration sensor designed for electric vehicles, vibration sensor alarm on the development of the motorcycle. Because it is simple with the complex structure of a traditional buzzer alarm

    2022/10/07 bailing

  • Vibration switch used on the principle of vibrating alarm device

    This device is a vibrating alarm, you can protect some important items which, when subjected to vibration protection items, it will immediately send an alarm sound, play a role in protection and remind articles owner.

    2022/10/07 bailing

  • How to distinguish the quality of ball switch, vibration switch and spring switch?

    1. MaterialVibration switch: The materials used in ball switches and spring switches are excellent in flame retardancy, insulation, impact resistance and moisture resistance, with strong material stab

    2020/12/09 bailing

  • The working principle of the rocker switch is

    Everyone knows that the ship type switch is derived from the shape of a ship. You may not have much impression of the touch switch, but you must have experienced or used it. Do they work the same? The

    2020/12/09 bailing

  • 66 Waterproof tact switch detection, application and precautions

    66 waterproof tact switches, usually there are 6*6 waterproof tact switches, 6×6 waterproof tact switches, etc., whether it is 66, 6*6 or 6×6, it represents a waterproof tact switch specification size

    2020/11/11 bailing

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