BL-2500N Ultra-small SMT vibration sensor

Slight vibration intelligent detection switch The vibration changes the size of the resistor to produce a pulse signal type switch.

  • Model: BL-2500N

BL-2500N Vibration Sensor Switch


Vibration detection

Displacement detection

Vibration alarm

Smart open


1.BL-2500N is a micro-vibration induction sensor switch.

2. Simple interface - no signal conditioning required.

3. Non-directionality requires vibration-sensing switch, 360-degree omnidirectionality can detect vibration.

4. The switch is assembled with ROHS environmental protection materials and passed ROHS certification.

5. Product size: 4.8*2.5mm SMD type

Suitable for all kinds of alarms, LEDs, smart homes, vibration-triggered products.