SW-420 Vibration sensor

SW-420Vibration sensor switch■ApplicationVibration detectionDisplacement detectionVibration alarmSmart open ■Introduction1.BL-420 is a micro-vibration induction sensor switch.2. Simple interface

  • Model: SW-420


Vibration sensor switch


Vibration detection

Displacement detection

Vibration alarm

Smart open



1.BL-420 is a micro-vibration induction sensor switch.

2. Simple interface - no signal conditioning required.

3. Non-directionality requires vibration-sensing switch, 360-degree omnidirectionality can detect vibration.

4. The switch is assembled with ROHS environmental protection materials and passed ROHS certification.

5. Economical vibration sensor switch

Suitable for all kinds of alarms, LEDs, smart homes, vibration-triggered products.