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  • How to distinguish the quality of ball switch, vibration switch and spring switch?

    1. MaterialVibration switch: The materials used in ball switches and spring switches are excellent in flame retardancy, insulation, impact resistance and moisture resistance, with strong material stab

    2020/12/09 bailing 20

  • The working principle of the rocker switch is

    Everyone knows that the ship type switch is derived from the shape of a ship. You may not have much impression of the touch switch, but you must have experienced or used it. Do they work the same? The

    2020/12/09 bailing 22

  • 66 Waterproof tact switch detection, application and precautions

    66 waterproof tact switches, usually there are 6*6 waterproof tact switches, 6×6 waterproof tact switches, etc., whether it is 66, 6*6 or 6×6, it represents a waterproof tact switch specification size

    2020/11/11 bailing 20

  • How to use the ball switch more stable

    Many electronic products currently use ball switches. Generally speaking, the usage is as follows1. Used as a shaking switch: The switch itself is directional. When the product shakes, the ball rolls

    2020/10/14 bailing 12

  • What is a vibration switch?

    What is a vibration switch?The correct name of a vibration switch should be called a vibration sensor, which is an electronic switch that senses the magnitude of the vibration force, transmits the sen

    2020/09/17 bailing 21

  • Happy birthday to everyone in Bailing Electronics Co.,Ltd.

    Happy birthday to every worker at Bailing Electronics.The lovely workers are united and friendly, and they have fun in this dinner.Dongguan Bailing Electronics regards product quality as the life of t

    2020/07/06 bailing 30

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