• What is bl sensor?

    Dongguan Bailing Electronics Co., Ltd (Brand GBeelee) was founding in 2004,established in 2007.Specializing in R&D and production of electronic components and sensor.Our mainly products is vibrati

    2023/05/12 bailing

  • Potentiometer Working Principle: Understanding the Basics

    Potentiometers are versatile components that provide a variable voltage output based on their adjustable resistance.

    2023/03/30 bailing

  • Vibration Sensor SW-18010P

    SW-18010P vibration switch with vibration wake up function, which is the high sensitive and miniature shaking switch.

    2023/03/16 bailing

  • How float switch works?

    GBeeLee liquid level switch manufacturers, provide liquid level switch,liquid level sensor,contactless liquid sensor,photoelectric level transducer,Float liquid level sensor,capacitance level transducer support customization, non-standard customization, customized hotline:

    2023/03/16 bailing

  • What are the advantages of tilt sensor?

    Baling Electronics,Angle tilt switch manufacturer, precision Angle ball Switch, provide micro tilt ball switch,Anti Sensor,anti tilt sensor,Angle Switch,anti tilt Switch,rolling ball switch,photoelectric tilt switch,tilt switch sensor module,

    2023/03/07 bailing

  • what is a Reed Switch?

    A reed switch, also known as a magnetic reed switch, is an electronic switch that is activated by a magnetic field.

    2023/02/21 bailing

  • Flashing lights shoes vibration switch

    Shining shoes is always a children's favorite. King vibration switch made in this regard in this regard contribution. Realization triggered by walking vibration, light lights up. This paragraph

    2022/10/07 bailing

  • SW-420 for the motorcycle on the vibration sensor

    SW-420 is a vibration sensor designed for electric vehicles, vibration sensor alarm on the development of the motorcycle. Because it is simple with the complex structure of a traditional buzzer alarm

    2022/10/07 bailing

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