• The working principle of the rocker switch is

    Everyone knows that the ship type switch is derived from the shape of a ship. You may not have much impression of the touch switch, but you must have experienced or used it. Do they work the same? The

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  • The difference between ball switch and spring switch

    The definition of a vibration switch: it is called a vibration sensor, which is an electronic switch that senses the magnitude of the vibration force, transmits the sensing result to the circuit devic

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  • 66 Waterproof tact switch detection, application and precautions

    66 waterproof tact switches, usually there are 6*6 waterproof tact switches, 6×6 waterproof tact switches, etc., whether it is 66, 6*6 or 6×6, it represents a waterproof tact switch specification size

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  • What is the difference between a ball switch and a vibration switch?

    What is the difference between a ball switch and a vibration switch? To put it simply, just like turning on or turning off a light, the light will turn on when the switch touches the metal plate insid

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  • What is the detection method of photoelectric switch?

    What is the detection method of the photoelectric switch of the vibration switch manufacturer? According to the detection method, photoelectric switches can be divided into diffusion type, relative ty

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  • What factors affect the quality of tact switches?

    As we all know, under the seemingly inconspicuous shape of the touch switch is a huge practical value. When we use the touch switch, we not only experience its excellent conduction performance, conven

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  • Common problems of photoelectric switches

    The photoelectric switch is the abbreviation of the photoelectric proximity switch. It uses the shielding or reflection of the measured object and the beam to connect the circuit through a synchroniza

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  • Prohibition of detection switch placement

    In order to prevent safety accidents and related quality problems of the detection switch, please strictly observe the following matters when using the detection switch. 1. During welding (including

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