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  • What is bl sensor?

    Dongguan Bailing Electronics Co., Ltd (Brand GBeelee) was founding in 2004,established in 2007.Specializing in R&D and production of electronic components and sensor.Our mainly products is vibrati

    2023/05/12 bailing

  • Potentiometer Working Principle: Understanding the Basics

    Potentiometers are versatile components that provide a variable voltage output based on their adjustable resistance.

    2023/03/30 bailing

  • Vibration Sensor SW-18010P

    SW-18010P vibration switch with vibration wake up function, which is the high sensitive and miniature shaking switch.

    2023/03/16 bailing

  • How float switch works?

    GBeeLee liquid level switch manufacturers, provide liquid level switch,liquid level sensor,contactless liquid sensor,photoelectric level transducer,Float liquid level sensor,capacitance level transducer support customization, non-standard customization, customized hotline:

    2023/03/16 bailing

  • How does a Reed Switch work?

    A Reed Switch consists of a pair of ferromagnetic reeds, overlapping at their free ends (contact area) at a very small distance and hermetically sealed in a glass tube.

    2022/09/20 bailing

  • Knowledge of tilt switch

    There are a variety of applications for Tilt Switch, e.g. Automatic power-off for smart home appliances like heaters or irons, screen rotation for monitors, anti-theft system, auto-awake system for power-saving, etc. Any kind of application which needs tilt detection is suitable.

    2022/08/03 bailing

  • Application of Angle Switch in the Field of Sterilization Lamp

    UV sterilization lamp, also known as ultraviolet sterilization lamp, UV is the abbreviation of Ultraviolet rays. The principle of ultraviolet germicidal lamp is the same as that of fluorescent lamp. I

    2021/05/25 bailing

  • How to use the ball switch more stable

    Many electronic products currently use ball switches. Generally speaking, the usage is as follows1. Used as a shaking switch: The switch itself is directional. When the product shakes, the ball rolls

    2021/05/25 bailing

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