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  • What is a ball switch

    In simple terms, just like turning on or turning off a light, the switch touches the metal plate inside and the light turns on, and it turns off when it leaves. The ball switch also uses a si

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  • Ozone effect

    Ozone effect1. Sterilization: Ozone can quickly kill bacteria, molds, yeasts, viruses and other microorganisms in the air and water. When the ozone concentration in water is 0.05ppm, keep it for ten m

    2020/07/27 bailing 31

  • Do you know the ozone disinfection machine?

    Do you know the ozone disinfection machine?Ozone (O₃), also known as super oxygen, is an allotrope of oxygen (O₂).Ozone has the smell of grass. Inhalation of a small amount is beneficial to the human

    2020/07/21 beelee 37

  • Vibration switch

    Vibration switch, the correct name should be called vibration sensor, transmits the result of the induction to the circuit device when the magnitude of the vibration force is induced, and causes the c

    2020/07/13 bailing 25

  • The difference between air and surface disinfection

    The difference between air and surface disinfection1. Air disinfection: Ozone has a significant killing effect on microorganisms in the air. 20mg/m3 concentration of ozone is used for 30 minutes, and

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  • Features of ozone disinfection


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  • Application of ozone technology in GMP workshop

    Ozone disinfection technology is a new sanitation disinfection technology introduced into the industry in recent years. The sterilization and disinfection characteristics of ozone gas and ozone water

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